#024: My Favourite Street Photographs of 2018

2018 has been a good year for me and my street photography. I got to travel to some really fun places as evident from my previous blog posts and I also met some amazing street photographers along the way.

This past year, this website has also allowed me to showcase some of my other adventures into photography. It has been a fun journey creating content here to share with everyone. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the ride with me.

As mentioned previously throughout this year full of blog posts, I tend to seek out those fun moments on the streets. Scenes where something different or candid happens. Whether I wait for it to appear or rather just by sheer luck that an amazing moment just happens in front of me, I try my best to have my camera ever ready. “You miss every shot you don’t take”, as that saying goes.

I took a few thousand shots this past year, some good, some bad, some I don’t even know where to place. Self-editing my own images has been the hardest part about doing my selections for this blog entry. There were so many other amazing photos that I took that are not going to be listed here. But rest assured that you can find some of them throughout this website and on my Flickr page. So, from the thousands of shots that I took, I ended up narrowing my selection down to about 100 shots, then down to 50 shots. Then it was harder still to get it down to this top 25 of what I think are my favourite or best street photography shots from the past year.

Some photos you may like more than others, just as I do too, but I think these photos I’m presenting below give a nice overview of the kind of street photography that I like and enjoy taking. I do hope you like them all so enjoy the collection of my best/favourite shots for 2018!

Let’s see what the new year brings :)



All photos taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the Fujifilm X100S