AMIR SHARIFF: Photography
AMIR SHARIFF: Photography

An ode to Tower Bridge

Over the span of two and a half years, I was fortunate enough to live close to the Tower Bridge of London. Without a doubt, it is a magnificent man-made structure, and to me it symbolizes the city of London more so than any other iconic structure in the city of London. I walked past it every day in order to get to the nearest tube station, to commute to wherever I wanted to go within the city. I didn’t realise it at first, but after going through my photo album on my phone one day, I realised that I was collecting a few good shots of the Tower Bridge. Thus began my little project to capture it every day that I walked past it. This project also became part of my daily Instagram stories feed. I had not posted anything to Instagram stories prior to this, and when I did start on stories, much to the amusement of my friends and followers on my Instagram account: “Really, the same shot of Tower Bridge again?”.

The photos I was taking of the bridge changed from initially capturing it from any point along the path of Potters Park (the park alongside the southern banks of the river Thames near More London) to a more precise point, giving a more consistent look and feel to the shots. This project gave me the possibility to showcase Tower Bridge throughout my time in London, along with the “great weather” in London, and most importantly how the people of this city interacted with the iconic bridge in the background. From the big events, loud parties and communal get-togethers, to the quieter personal moments people have in front of the bridge.

I took a photograph of Tower Bridge almost every day, but for the collection below, I’ve selected what I think are the most interesting shots. All photos were taken with my mobile phone, as it was the easiest to use when on my daily commutes. All are unedited, straight out of the camera and only resized for better viewing on this website.

I had a great time living in London and this project helped me celebrate my time in that amazing city.

Thank you, Tower Bridge.

Thank you, London.

April 2016 - October 2018.