#007 Dance Dance Dance

I shot a dance rehearsal last month as part of an organised shoot. These dancers were showcasing their new routines and or works in progress for constructive feedback. (more info here http://www.bluecloudscratch.com/). A group of photographers was invited to shoot their rehearsals to test their and my own photographic skills. A big thanks to Chantel for organising the photoshoot. For me, this was not my first run at photographing dance rehearsals, but it was the first time that I exclusively used the Fujifilm X100S for this purpose. The Olympus E-M1 was in the service centre as it was long overdue for a service and a thorough clean up. 

Shooting a dance using the Fujifilm X100S was a challenge. The extremely low light, tricky spotlights and fast movements in the dark defeated the lackluster autofocus. It was forever hunting in the dark. The first few shots were all out of focus. So to make it work, I switched to manual focus (however, also not the best with this camera) and aimed for a middle part of the dance floor and shot away. Many of the shots were from a front on perspective as it was tricky to get any other angle from where I was sitting, and to also keep the focus on point. But this also made it easier to judge when to hit the shutter button, by waiting for the dancers to dance into the frame.

And so, for something different again, below are some of the shots that I liked from the entire shoot. Enjoy :)