#018: A New Project

Something new is here!

I’ve started a new page on this website that is dedicated to some of my long term and on going photographic projects. I have a few that are current work-in-progress and some that are just ideas or concepts at the moment. As and when I do complete them, or if there is a good enough collection, they should go up on the the “Projects” page on this website.

To kick start new part of the website, and to commemorate the time I spent in London, I present to you my personal project that I did documenting the magnificent Tower Bridge of London. For those of you who don’t already know, I’ve left London and moved back to my home country of Malaysia and will be based out of Kuala Lumpur for the foreseeable future. So there’ll be a lot more blog posts from my travels and street related stuff that will be from this side of the world.

Hope you like it this small project. If you do please share it. And stay tuned for more upcoming projects in the new future.