#020: Best of London - Part 2

Part two of my favourite street photography shots from my time in London.

Once again, a collection of all the different styles of street photography that I like to capture when roaming the streets. Some shots I like more than others, but all represent more of what I want to achieve, in the long-term, with my streets photography. Those candid humorous moments. This is the collection of shots I’m happy to share, leaving behind many others that didn’t make the cut.

And with this blog post, it marks the end of my time in London and in Europe, April 2016 to October 2018. An amazing couple of years that helped me grow as a photographer. Forever thankful for the time spent there, the places I’ve visited and the amazing people that I’ve met. I’m sure ill be back there one day, and then i’ll hope to see and capture the same streets all over again :)

Hope you like these shots as much as the ones from the previous blog post. Share, like and or comment! Leave your thoughts, comments, critiques and messages below, they are all greatly appreciated.

Once again, thank you London.