#002: Reflections of Oxford

I went up to Oxford last weekend, to get out of London for a change, and to see what this Oxford place is all about, also to visit a friend who is currently studying there. (ProTip: The best time to visit Oxford is when you have a friend who is currently studying there. He or she can take you into most colleges to look around during normal visiting hours for FREE and even bypass the long queue at Christ Church College)

It rained the whole of Saturday. Not heavy enough to require an umbrella, but heavy enough that if you’re walking around all day, you’ll get wet eventually. Did a lot of walking around and seeing the different colleges, taking photos, but not many photographs were keepers. I had the Olympus OM-D E-M1 on me, which is fully weather sealed, but the “rain” and cold kept me away from using it. Fingers were getting numb from the cold. Should have brought gloves. Should have stayed at home with Netflix.

Then Sunday came along with bright sunshine! The anti-Netflix weather brought out some nice high contrast light and shadows. But I found myself taking one shot of a reflection off the roof of a car with my mobile phone, and that set me on my short journey to document Oxford as such. I do tend to hunt for that elusive "decisive moment", which are few and far between, so on the side, I also like to experiment with other styles of street photography and reflections is one of them. The collection of shots I’m sharing here is of what I could muster in under a few hours in Oxford before returning to London that afternoon.

All photos were taken on the Google Pixel phone (first version) and edited in Snapseed. 


P.s: Currently watching Altered Carbon on Netflix ;)

Bonus photo: A reflection shot that I took recently at Southbank, London. Also taken on the Google Pixel.