#029: Bangkok in March

Last month in Bangkok. An extended weekend away in the metropolis of Thailand to attend a cousins wedding.

This trip to Bangkok, after the wedding celebrations had ended, I got some time to spend by myself and explore little pockets of Bangkok with my camera. A location I went to for the first time during this trip is the Hua Lamphong, Bangkok Central Train Station. The location I’ve been meaning to go to ever since I saw the beautiful photos by the amazing local Bangkok photographer Rammy Narula. I also caught up with him during this trip over a cup of coffee one morning. We ended up talking a lot about photography and life, and I was just super happy to meet him and to generally say congrats on the amazing photobook that he produced showcasing life at the train station. I'll definitely go back to it whenever I'm back in Bangkok. The life, the people and the light there is amazing, and if you haven't been there yourself, it's a fun place to visit. You’ll get to see all walks of life that are coming into and out of Bangkok city.

The next few days in Bangkok were spent eating and roaming the streets seeking out, or hunting if you will, for the elusive decisive moment or moments on the street. There is one photo in the collection below that I am pretty chuffed about. See if you can guess which one. The rest of them I like too, even though they are mostly scenes from the street, rather than what I would call a proper candid-decisive-moment photo. Also, this isn't a proper showcase of life on the streets in Bangkok as its mostly a collection of the random interesting or bizarre moments that I personally witnessed on the streets. A shocking photo of a crocodile being skewered for a bbq pit is also in the collection below, not something for the light-hearted or if you're an animal lover. You've been warned.

I'm sure I'll be back in Bangkok again sometime soon, many friends and a huge family awaits me there. It is always fun to be there plus it is only a short two-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur. In the meantime hope you like the photos below.


All photos taken with the Fujifilm X100S.